Jesse Moussa

jesse moussaJesse has an extensive education in Golf Management and Instruction in Canada and the USA, He has been a Class A professional with the CPGA since 2007 and his commitment to the game and industry is strong. His passion is in growing the love of the game and developing ways to make teaching more effective and learning more fun. Jesse is an inventor of a patented golf training aid, ‘The Right Touch’, which he developed to help wipe-out the slice, He inspires confidence, enjoyment and progress in his students and fellow instructors. Jesse’s favorite place to be, is at the golf course sharing his love of the game while servicing others and playing and honing his own skills. 

He is a devoted husband to wife, Nadine, and an active proud Dad to his son Javan. Jesse also has a personal interest in saving the rhino and writing. 

Jesse has extensive experience in golf and business and continues his development as a golf professional and a person while serving his fellow golfers at Naturally Pacific Resort.